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The top 5 Point S Auto Centres of 2019

01 November, 2019

Lisbon (Portugal) – At Point S Canada 40th anniversary convention in Lisbon, Portugal, Point S revealed the five winners of the 2019 Quality Challenge. Judged on nearly 200 strict criteria, each of these auto centres earned a trip for two to Thailand, where they’ll join the Quality Challenge winners from all 37 countries in which Point S operates in February 2020.

Point S Canada would like to congratulate the following auto centres:

“The Point S Quality Challenge is a chance to improve the customer experience at our auto centres,” says Daniel Beauvais, director of network operations. “That’s one of the company’s main goals. A solid customer experience means greater customer loyalty.”

Point S Pneus et mécanique Ste-Catherine

Point S Saint Catherine

Point S Pneus Ratté Beauport

Point S Beauport

Point S Desharnais Pierre-Bertrand

Point S Pierre-Bertrand

Point S Pneus Villemaire St-Jérôme (Laurentides)

Point S Villemaire

Point S Garage Daniel Martin

Point S Daniel Martin



01 November, 2019


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